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Building for 2015 haunt
We are now working on your 2015 haunt and things are going well.

First up, we are changing our theme of a Ghost town from years past. While the theme is still in the town of Badwater, we now on the outskirts of town at the Haunted Manor of the owner of the "Big Strike" gold mine. It's filled with ghosts of the miners and others that past-away in the old glory days.

The manor downstairs has three rooms to view, Foyer, Parlour and Study. They are all filled with spooky props and other scary ghosts and ghouls.

Next to the Haunted Manor is a larger Cemetery with new figures and theme park level spooky animation.

This could our last Halloween haunt for a number of years. So, stop by this year and see our best haunt yet.

Photos of Halloween 2015

Our 2015 Haunt

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The new Haunted Manor with Ghost in the Attic. Cemetery with hole in fence for projection. Both rear screen projections used in the haunt. One of the peek-in windows. Sing tro of skulls.

Guys on the Tower. Big old spider

Photos of Halloween 2011

Photos of Bad Water, our ghost town.

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Photos of Halloween 2010

Our 2010 Halloween yard haunt with the new ghost-town theme and facade.

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Our 2010 display with real fog. Closer look with the ground fog rolling in. This photo show the true lighting The left side of the display Two of the display boxes for props.

This drop covers the two displays on the right side. Main building done with all 5 sections up.

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