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2015 was a great year
Halloween 2015 is now just a memory, But what a memory.

It was the first year for the Haunted Manor. What's right, the ghost town was put to rest and the new Old West Haunted Manor took its place.

You see, the owner of most of the Gold Mines near the town of Bad Water build himself the largest house in these here parts.

But he and his a family didn't life there long. You see, all those miners that died in his mines decided to homestead in his fine manor.

It was long that most of the spooks in the county move in too and the old manor has been haunted ever since.

General Information
When are we open?

This year, are only open to the public on Halloween Night (October 31th) We start at 6 PM with a Not so scary haunt for the real little and more Ghostly Scares after Sundown.

How scary are you?

We are a family friendly, Tick or Treat home haunt. There is no "Blood and Guts" because we are a on the outskirts of the Badwater Ghost-Town and most of population are just Bones. Sure, there a few scare. But that's all part of Halloween.

Is your haunt free?

Yes. We are a home haunt that's just grown over the years to Whittier's biggest free haunt.

Do you have a Maze?

Yes and No. While we don't have a walk through maze, the Haunted Manor is open to walk around and view the Audio-Animatronics and other haunted stuff there.

How many come by each year?

In the years past, we had more than 500 kids here at Bad Water Ghost-Town. This is the first Halloween on a weekend in a long time, are planing on more than ever.

Will you handing out candy for Trick or Treat?

Yes. Because of the number of kids we have each year, we will only be giving out candy to little ones. In other words, just kids and younger teens.

Will you be doing another Charity Haunt?
Sadly, not this year. We did supported the Interfaith Food Center in the past years but they moved to a new location and no longer part of our community. Maybe next year we will find a Charity to support.

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